MM Vintage Souvenir Church Key
MM Vintage Souvenir Church Key

MM Vintage Souvenir Church Key

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Found in the basement of an old shop. New "Old" Stock

We added a leather strap and vintage beads, making them a MM souvenir!

From Stan Kid: Do you know how the term church key came to be used as a slang for a bottle opener? The best info I could find dates the usage to 1951 in the United States, but I can find no specifics.

A This one is getting a little long in the tooth, like its users (such as me), who can remember when beer always came in bottles fitted with caps that needed a special tool to open them (though the more macho or foolish would show off by opening them with their teeth; gripping bottle tops in a vice between door and doorframe was a trick for emergencies, but only when the door belonged to somebody else). The standard bottle opener was made of metal, with a roughly round, oval or triangular open shape at one end to grip the cap.

The shape of the business end of the tool reminded people of the often ornate handles to big, old-fashioned door keys. The link with churches in particular was surely because in the experience of most people such big keys opened church doors. It’s also more than probable that an irreverent joke was attached as well, in that drinking beer was an unchurchly thing to do.

3.5" long x 1.5" wide