Duluth Utility Pack - BLACK

Duluth Utility Pack - BLACK

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Our Utility Pack series is all about long-lasting quality in a simple pack design. These smaller, yet durable backpacks are perfect for beginners, value-conscious campers, and young adventurers. Our #51 Utility Pack is the classic envelope style held close by two premium leather straps fed through roller buckles. Simple has never had so many possibilities with the #51 Utility Pack.

We designed the #51 Utility Pack to be a simple backpack capable of going above and beyond your expectations in all areas. Take this pack up the north shore or through the Alps, it can handle it all.


Tough 15-ounce canvas construction.
All Utility Packs feature our time-tested envelope-style design.
Premium leather and roller buckle closure
Rides low to allow the carrying of a canoe while wearing the pack.
Specifically contoured to fit the confines of a canoe.


    • Dimensions: 22"H x 18"W
    • Capacity: 34 Liters
    • Uses: Hiking, Canoeing, Portaging, Camping, Field, Hunting