SPOTLIGHT - Copin Denim

We asked our friend Brian to tell us about his brand and how he got started. Here's the scoop...

"In the Spring of 2013, Copin began in a small San Francisco apartment with the simple idea to make useful products in a well thought out, transparent way. We believe that good design and quality manufacturing provides straightforward solutions for the world we live in. As a brand, we stand for smart designs and ideas to help people live industrious, layered lives".

"All of our products have a distinct manufacturing story to them. We spend a lot of time searching the globe to partner with the best manufacturers and mills in the world. For the Fall, we’re excited to announce an All-American winter season. We have shirts, jackets, jeans, and chinos all being made right in the heart of San Francisco".

Stop by and try a pair of locally made Jeans!

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